Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies inaugural issue coming Winter 2012-13

The JCMRS inaugural issue will be released in Winter 2012-13

The Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies (JCMRS) is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to developing the field of Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) through rigorous scholarship. Launched in 2011, it is the first academic journal explicitly focused on Critical Mixed Race Studies.

JCMRS is transracial, transdisciplinary, and transnational in focus and emphasizes the critical analysis of the institutionalization of social, cultural, and political orders based on dominant conceptions and constructions of ‘race.’ JCMRS emphasizes the constructed nature and thus mutability of race and the porosity of racial boundaries in order to critique processes of racialization and social stratification based on race. JCMRS addresses local and global systemic injustices rooted in systems of racialization.

Sponsored by UC Santa Barbara’s Sociology Department, JCMRS is hosted on the eScholarship Repository, which is part of the eScholarship initiative of the California Digital Library. JCMRS functions as an open-access forum for critical mixed race studies scholars and will be available without cost to anyone with access to the Internet.

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2012-13 will include:

Editors’ Introduction

“Emerging Paradigms in Critical Mixed Race Studies”
Laura Kina, Wei Ming Dariotis, G. Reginald Daniel, and Camilla Fojas

“An Interview with Dr. Maria P.P. Root”
G. Reginald Daniel and Teresa Williams-Léon

“Historical Origins of the One-Drop Racial Rule in the United States”
(Based historian Winthrop Jordan’s unpublished papers on the one-drop rule)
Paul R. Spickard

“Retheorizing the Relationship Between New Mestizaje and New Multiraciality as Mixed Race Identity Models”
Jessie Turner

Keynote Address, “Critical Mixed Race Studies: New Directions in the Politics of Race and Representation.” Presented at Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, November 5, 2010, DePaul University.
Andrew Jolivette

“Slimy Subjects and Neoliberal Goods”
Daniel McNeil

“The Current State of Multiracial Discourse”
Molly McKibbin

“Only the News They Want to Print”
Rainier Spencer

Editorial Board

Founding Editors
G. Reginald Daniel
Wei Ming Dariotis
Laura Kina
Maria P. P. Root
Paul R. Spickard

Managing Editors
G. Reginald Daniel
Wei Ming Dariotis
Laura Kina

Editorial Review Board
Stanley R. Bailey
Mary C. Beltrán
David Brunsma
Greg Carter
Kimberly McClain
Michele Elam
Camilla Fojas
Peter Fry
Kip Fulbeck
Rudy Guevarra
Velina Hasu Houston
Kevin R. Johnson
Andrew Jolivette
Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain
Laura A. Lewis
Kristen A. Renn
Maria Root
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
Gary B. Nash
Kent A. Ono
Rita Simon
Miri Song
Rainier Spencer
Michael Thornton
Peter Wade
France Winddance Twine
Teresa Williams-León
Naomi Zack

Contact: Editor
Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies
c/o Department of Sociology, SSMS Room 3005
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9430

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