Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video from my artist talk at the Oregon Nikkei Endowment

Oregon Nikkei Endowment - Hapa panel discussion art and life
 August 4, 2011 University of Oregon in Portland
Panelists Dmae Roberts, Laura Kina, and Emily Momohara talk with Tim DuRoche on what it means to be hapa, their life and art practice, and the exhibit Kip Fulbeck: Part Asian, 100% Hapa at the Oregon Nikkei Endowment.

Part 1 of 4 - Introduction and artist talks by Dmae Roberts and Emily Hanako Momohara

Part 2 of 4 end of Emily's talk and Laura Kina artist talk (minutes 1-12:45)

Part 3 of 4 Group panel discussion moderated by Tim DuRoche

Part 4 of 4 End of the panel discussion and audience Q&A

For more details on this past event:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Obake Halloween: A New Season of An Unseen World

Laura Kina "Issei" oil on canvas, 30x45 in., 2011
Akiko Masuda, from Akiko's Hawaiian Buddhist Bed & Breakfast, is hosting the 7th Annual Obake Night Local Style Halloween Ghost Stories featuring "Tita" Kathy Collins Pidgin storyteller extraordinaire Oct 28 and 29th in Wilea, HI. For more details visit:
I am honored that Akiko Masuda has asked if she could feature works from my Sugar series again on this year's event poster. Mahalo to Charlene Asato for her design.

Fresh off the easel and still yet to be shown, the October 2011 cover of Hawaii's The Paradise Post features my painting "Issei"of my great grandmother Makato Gibu as well as a cover story by Akiko Masuda - "Welcome to a World Of Unseen Spirits & An Obake Halloween," The Paradise Post: A Reader's Monthly, Vol. IV, No. 37, October 2011, cover and p. 2. 

Paradise Post Oct 2011 cover featuring a detail of Laura Kina's painting "Issei"
Paradise Post p. 2 cover story
Charlene Asato's poster design for the 7th Annual Obake Night. The poster features works from Laura Kina's "Sugar" series.