Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Word We Live By June 6-July 4, 2014

Yet another Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop) at five spaces simultaneously

North Branch Projects
White Box Studio Gallery
4th Ward Project Space
New Assembly
Vietnamese Association of Illinois

June 6 - July 4

Opening reception every Friday from 6-9pm on

June 6 @
North Branch Projects
3550 W. Lawrence
and White Box Studio Gallery
4813 N. Central Park

June 13 @
4th Ward Project Space
5338 S. Kimbark

June 20 @
New Assembly

[I'll have work in this show] 
1345 W. 19th St*
(*June 20 - July 11)

June 27 @ [I'll have work in this show]
Vietnamese Association of Illinois
5110 N. Broadway

featuring Joanne Aono, Rashayla Marie Brown, C.C. Ann Chen, Alexandria Eregbu, Ariel Fang, Richard Gessert, Angel Harrold with Joshua Slater, Alex Herrera, Ly Hoang, Greyson Hong, Laura Hsieh, Regin Igloria, Laura Kina, Maya Mackrandilal, Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, Dao Nguyen, Jave Yoshimoto, and Transnational Servers, Inc. (Liana Li, Megan Isaacs, Michael Swierz, Ken Dunn, Yan Wang)

Words We Live By is a multi-venue curatorial project as expansive group show centering around artists of color who employ text to reference, translate and/or connect to their sense of self and larger community within or without the mainstream.

Or words in any language as image, object or action, moving or static that confronts or maybe reconciles difference, originating from street as the raw energy of spoken word to the supposed lawless power of graffiti. Voices that are often marginalized seeking to incorporate the concreteness of the written and/or spoken in relationship to the visual.

Like the project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/608902892539246/

JASC Fundraiser June 12th "Living Our Culture"

JASC Living Our Culture: Bringing Legacy to Life

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Floating World Gallery
1925 North Halsted
Chicago, Illinois
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Valet parking will be available for $12.

For more info call 773.275.0097 x230 or e-mail.

The Board of Directors of the JASC cordially invite you to our annual benefit celebration, Living Our Culture, on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

For this year's fundraiser, we have chosen the theme Bringing Legacy to Life. We have assembled an extraordinary group of artists, activists, teachers and leaders who will share their life's work with you, exemplifying our theme of creating a "living culture."

These special people live the values we cherish through their actions every day. They have taken the gift of knowledge and traditions learned in previous generations and figured out how to make the most of it in their own way, creating works that fully respect the spirit of each era:

  • Hyogenryoku (creative expression) – Tatsu Aoki, musician, filmmaker
  • Kazoku to Komyunitei family and community) – Alice Murata, Heiwa Terrace and Michael Takada, JASC
  • Chuuseishin (loyalty) – Enoch Kanaya and Kolly Takaki, World War II vets; and Col. Robert Hashimoto, USMC
  • Kokoro to karada no tsunagari (connection of body and mind) – Doug Tono, Tohkon Judo Academy and Dwight Sora, Chicago Aikido Club
  • Shousai ni chuui suru (attention to detail) – Michio Iwao, Nisei wood carver
  • Jiko-ninshiki (identity) – Laura Kina, artist and professor
The event also features:
  • music by Tatsu Aoki
  • appetizers and sushi by Kamehachi
  • an array of complimentary beverages
  • restaurant certificates, get-aways, sports tickets and memorabilia, artwork and more available in the Silent Auction
  • all amidst the beautiful setting of the Floating World Gallery

Tickets are $125 per person.

Only $100 per person when purchasing 5 or more.

Special Young Generation Rate!
The JASC is offering a special rate of $65 a person for individuals 35 and under to attend Living Our Culture.

Living Our Culture reservations may also be purchased at the JASC, 4427 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640 or if paying by MasterCard or VISA, by phone at 773.275.0097.

You can also make reservations or purchase raffle tickets on-line by going to EventBrite.

Place your reservations by mail by May 31, 2014, or by phone or on-line by June 9, 2014.

Tickets will be held at the door.

A portion of your contribution is deductible to the extent provided by the IRS.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Food Worlds launches!

Contact: Center for Art and Thought
Clare Counihan, (323) 452-3550, pr@centerforartandthought.org

Food Worlds’ Multi-Platform Launch

What are the historical determinants and legacies of Filipino foods? How do foods travel as part of the labor diaspora? How does food ground, enable or destabilize Filipino identities?

SPAM/MAPS: World Red, 2001. 36 in. x 48 in. x 2 in. Michael Arcega.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 30, 2014) -- The Center for Art and Thought (CA+T), a web-based arts and education nonprofit organization, is pleased to announce the launch of its next virtual curated exhibition, Food Worlds, on CA+T's website (www.centerforartandthought.org) and Pinterest site (http://www.pinterest.com/artandthought/adobo-my-way/).

Co-curated by Clare Counihan and Sarita See, Food Worlds assembles artists and scholars who together create a map of the world through Filipino food. And what a rich, unending series of combinations and juxtapositions that has turned out to be. Worlds, plural. Inspired by Doreen G. Fernandez’s ground-breaking research into Filipino food histories and culture, this virtual exhibition considers what making and eating Filipino food reveals about Filipinos in the Philippines and its wide-flung diaspora, as well as those others who (refuse to) eat Filipino. Thus, we focus on the Philippines but also extend our analysis to other communities shaped by the multiple specters of colonialism, militarization, and globalization.

As works by Laura Kina and Wesley Ueunten, Jessica Hagedorn and Alexander Orquiza suggest, food is a key way to understand the intimacies and alienations of colonial presences throughout the pacific, while Johanna Poethig, Tim Manalo and Elaine Castillo reflect on those same negotiations far from “home.” Martin Manalansan, Nerissa Balce, and Jerry Takigawa further complicate notions of “food” by exploring the politics of smell, production and waste. For a full list of contributors please see the extended curatorial statement (http://www.centerforartandthought.org/work/project/food-worlds).

Yana Gilbuena, CA+T’s new Artist in Residence, translates Food Worlds’ questions into a traveling exploration of cooking and community. During her residency, she documents and reflects on her ongoing SALO project: in a different city in a different state each week, she hosts a pop up dinner of regional Filipino foods over the course of fifty weeks. She depends upon what she can find locally—from produce to flavorings—and strangers in each city share new (or familiar) dishes and, briefly, lives.

Alongside Food Worlds, CA+T is also hosting Adobo MY Way, a search for the best adobo recipe (http://www.pinterest.com/artandthought/adobo-my-way/). The unofficial national dish of the Philippines, adobo reveals the rich regional and individual variations in Filipino food. We challenge every cook who’s ever claimed that “adobo my way is the best” to join the competition. The five recipes with the most “re-pins” by June 15, 2014 will win an adobo-themed CA+T tote bag—and bragging rights.

About the Center for Art and Thought:
Starting from the perspectives of Filipinos around the world, the Center for Art and Thought (CA+T) harnesses the potential of digital and new media technologies in order to foster dialogues between artists, scholars, and the broader public. A web-based nonprofit organization, CA+T believes that the convergence between art and critical thought is a crucial way to generate new modes of knowledge production and creative and critical lenses for understanding and transforming global conditions.