Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baroda's art scene/Installation shots @ Red Earth Gallery

Indigo: New works by Shelly Jyoti and Laura Kina was open for preview at the Red Earth Gallery in the ABS Tower in Baroda, Gujarat, India on Dec 16th.

Baroda is a small city known for their Faculty of Fine Art at MS University. Many students and faculty came through the gallery today. Most of the students said they were painters or sculptors but many were also architecture students (more interested in the Red Earth Gallery's amazing space than our artwork). One of the things that impressed me most was seeing multiple generations of artists. From meeting one of Baroda's senior most artist such as Jyoti Bhatt ( to MSU first year painting students. Even the Maharaja of Baroda is an established artist ( He just unveiled his 12 foot high sculpture, Vessel of Life, last month in a sculpture garden in Durham City.

There seems to be a thriving artist residency culture here as well. I've met two other foreigners here - one DC art collector and a Swedish printmaker so far. Many of the established artists in India call Baroda home but they will often do not show here as this is not a city known for sales. The other wonderful thing about Baroda, and Gujarat in general, is that they are known for their textiles. We're off to New Delhi and Mumbai next but this was a wonderful place to meet other artists and learn about traditional textiles.

Here are two links about Baroda's art scene and art schools:

Front of ABS Tower
Street view from ABS Tower

Installation views of Indigo: New works by Shelly Jyoti and Laura Kina

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