Saturday, January 4, 2014

Study Abroad trip Okinawa, Japan Dec 3-15, 2013

December 3-15, 2013 my colleague Kathryn Ibata-Arens and I led 16 students on a DePaul University College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Short-Term Study Abroad trip to Okinawa, Japan "Okinawa: Art, Politics and Economy." This trip was sponsored in part by the Japan Foundation. Many thanks to all the friends, family, and the international network of scholars, artists, and activist who helped make this dream trip a reality! We plan to run this trip again in Dec 2015 and 2017 so DePaul students stay tuned.

We are pictured here at the dojo of Grand Master Shinzato Katsuhiko sensei after a Shorin-ryu Kishaba Juko karate demonstration and workshop.

View our trip photos:

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