Friday, November 22, 2013

Photos from the New Delhi opening of CARE Package

Poster for CARE Package c/o New Delhi India

Visitor in front of Saira Waisim's animation "Lines of Confrontation"

Installation view of Shelly Jyoti's installation "Reciprocity of Love: Shagun"(left) and Laura Kina's textile panels "Omiyage"(right)

Poster from Shelly Bahl's installation

Installation view of Andia Yoeu Ali's "Gallery X Mosque Dhiya Uddin"

CARE PACKAGE c/o New Delhi India was on view at the November 7-15, 2013 at the India International Centre in New Delhi India

Curated by: Ombretta Agró Andruff
Artists: Shelly Bahl Shelly Jyoti Laura Kina Saira Wasim Anida Yoeu Ali

Featuring work by five international women artists from Asia or of Asian descent, touching venues in North America as well as Asia, this small-scale traveling exhibition was inspired by the concept of a care package sent to each host country. Storytelling and a deep interest in history and untold stories is a shared strategy amongst this newly formed collective of interdisciplinary women artists who have historical and contemporary links to disparate geographies such as India, Pakistan, Japan, Cambodia, Canada and the USA. In a grass roots diplomatic effort, they are collaborating with an Italian, New York/ Miami-based curator to conduct a trans-cultural dialogue between their works, their countries of origin, and the intersections and migrations between.

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Next stop Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

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