Saturday, October 12, 2013

Filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro "A Lot Like You" at DePaul Oct 15-16, 2013

Oct 15th film screening and Q&A with Eliachi Kimaro

Oct 16th workshop with Eliachi Kimaro

Eliaichi Kimaro

Cultural Café: A Lot Like You

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013
Cortelyou Commons, 2324 N Fremont St.
Join documentary filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro for a screening and discussion of scenes from A Lot Like Me, her own original autobiographical journey of self-discovery. Her film follows her experience as a mixed-race, first-generation American reconciling the culture she’s inherited with how she defines herself today.

Cultural Café: Exploring Identity Through Story

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013
Student Center 314AB, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Focusing on the power of personal narrative, documentary filmmaker Eliaichi Kimaro uncovers why it is critical that we find a way to share our stories with others. This workshop will explore our understanding of who we are, where we come from and where we belong.


Independent Director and Producer Eliaichi Kimaro is a mixed-race, first-generation American who worked for 15 years as a professional crisis counselor for survivors of rape and domestic violence before becoming a filmmaker. Her company, 9elephants productions, uses video as a means to address social justice issues, bringing stories of struggle, resistance and survival to a broader audience. In addition to producing non-profit videos about social, economic, and environmental justice issues, she has led a week-long filmmaking camp for girls, and consults with non-profits to support them in producing their own videos.

Eliaichi brings a lifetime of personal and professional experience dealing with race, gender, domestic and sexual violence to her directorial debut, the autobiographical film, A Lot Like You, which won Best Documentary at the 2012 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature at the 2011 Montreal International Black Film Festival, Best Film Award at African Diaspora International Film Festival, and the Top 10 Audience Choice Award when it premiered at the 2011Seattle International Film Festival.

Kimaro is founder /director of 9elephants productions, a company that uses video to bring stories of struggle, resistance and survival to a broader audience. Her directorial debut, A Lot Like You, has won the Jury Award for Best Documentary Film at the 2012 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and the 2011 Montreal International Black Film Festival. Drawing on her 9-year film journey, she is currently engaging communities across the country in discussion about some of the issues in her film, including gender violence, mixed race/multicultural issues, cultural identity and the power of personal story telling.

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