Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ArtXchange in Seattle opening night pictures

Indigo: Laura Kina and Shelly Jyoti opened at ArtXchange in Seattle on January 6, 2011.
This was my first show in Seattle. I grew up out here but have been gone since 1991 so it was fun to see old high school friends, family friends as well as my new friends from MAVIN and ArtXchange. Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening!

Be sure to check the show out. It's up through February 19th.
512 First Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 5:30pm
Open First Thursdays until 8pm for the Pioneer Square Artwalk


To see our work in detail, watch the video or download the catalog visit our websites at: http://www.laurakina.com/devon.html


Steve Hampsten, Jenny Devlin Aunun, and me

Shelly Jyoti's work
Shelly Jyoti's work
Shelly Jyoti's work

My parents friends all showed up for the opening
Samantha Torpey and Debbie Jergenson
me and my daughter Midori, and my childhood pal Josh Kelly
Portland based artist Karumi Conley is showing her work in the north gallery
The ArtXchange crew - Cora Edmonds, me, Magoux, and Lauren (not pictured - my fellow artist Shelly Jyoti and ArtXchange staff Gail and Islanda)

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